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Buying dates can be a daunting task if you live in a place where they are not grown nearby. Tropical climates you would think are great places for growing dates, but dates do not grow in tropical climates and it hard to buy dates in such areas if the fruit is not grown locally. When fruit is available it has to be imported and depending on the distance to the farms where the dates are grown, the price may be too hefty to make it practical to regularly buy dates. In the US dates are grown in the warmer states. California and Arizona accounts for the bulk dates. The first date orchards with significant production where started in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. The climate is very ideal to date fruit production and you can buy dates at relatively cheap prices. A lot of people retiring to Palm Springs, find that an added benefit is the fact that they can buy dates locally. The date fruit is not only cheaper, but it is fresher. If you happen to live in New York, you are probably going to have to pay a premium as you are in a very distant place relative to where the dates are grown. It is probably not as bad as living in Hawaii, the climate is ideal for growing palms, but not for growing dates, so you re not likely to buy dates very often, if at all.

Buying dates requires some degree of skill and understanding. Not all dates are the same, besides having varieties of dates you have different grades of dates. A medjool date is not always the same. You have jumbo, large, extra fancy, and then you have the cooking medjool date which is a low grade pitted and cut date. The jumob medjool date is a premium, it is an excellent date. The large date is smaller and has no blemishes. The extra fancy date is large, but may have blemishes. The bottom cooking date is typically smaller and with blemishes. The blemishes are more a matter of aesthetics and not necessary taste. Like any other fruit the preference is for a large fruit with imperfections and that is how the medjool date and other dates are sold and that is what you should buy if you buy dates and want to impress. If you just want to buy dates for your own consumption and enjoyment, but what ever is the best price. The medjool date is typically what most people like. It is the sweetest date and it is known as nature's candy.


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The more common dates are the: Aabel, Ajwah, Al-Barakah, Amir Hajj or 'Amer Hajj', 'Abid Rahim , Barakawi ,. Barhee or (barhi), Bireir , Datça Date, Deglet Noor , Derrie or 'Dayri' , Empress , Ftimi or 'Alligue' , Holwah (Halawi) , Haleema , Hayany , Iteema , Khajur , Kenta , Khadrawy, Khalasah , 'Khlas', Khastawi (Khusatawi, Kustawy), Maktoom ( , Manakbir , Medjool , Migraf, Mgmaget Ayuob , Mishriq, Mozafati , Nabtat-seyf , Rotab, Sag‘ai, Saidy (Saidi), Sayer (Sayir) Sekkeri , Sellaj , Tagyat , Tamej, Thoory (Thuri), Umeljwary, Umelkhashab , Zahidi , Zaghloul

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